Intelligence Pro
The Intelligence Pro is used by agencies like yours to build Cases and track information.

Intelligence Pro

The Intelligence Pro is used to gather data to build cases by Law Enforcement agencies. In use by local task forces to track Narcotics, Gangs, Terrorism and any events associated with illegal activity. We have been providing Law Enforcement Intelligence tracking software since 1992.
The INTELLIGENCE PRO is one of the most flexible databases available today for tracking information. When you enter information into a State database or larger Intel organizations, you have limited access to your information. That's why many agencies prefer to build their cases using our software.


  • 75 Entry Screens
  • 115 Reports
  • Easy to learn and use

  • Your database will allow you to track:
    • Cases Subjects
    • Events
    • Names
    • Aliases
    • Physical features
    • Phone books
    • Associates
    • Vehicles
    • Businesses
    • Labs
    • Drugs
    • Gangs
    • Aircraft
    • Vessels
    • Profiles
    • Seizures
    • Images
    • Cash
    • Addresses
    • Business Cards
    • Phone Tolls
    • Last seen
    • Relationships
  • Associate an unlimited number of images and videos
Find Unknown Associations
  • Phone number and email matching
  • License Plate Matching
  • Surveillance
  • Associate documents (Word, PDF, Spreadhseets, etc.) to your records.
Powerful Search Features
  • Partial Name Searches
  • Physical Description including Tattoos, Scars, and more
  • Gangs
  • Streets
  • All fields on the main entry screens are searchable
  • It's easy to look up your existing information
    Codes can be entered "on the fly". This allows you to easily customize drop down lists as you build your database.
Other Features
    Last touched Date on Subjects allows you to delete information that is not being used.
Comment Searches

We provide a the ability to search through all the comment fields. For example we might want to search for "dog". We could then select the various areas to be searched and a list of associated records would appear with “dog” in the comment or remarks field.

License Pricing:
    Single (1 User) $4,900.00 + Annual Maintenance $500.00
    Network (20 User) $24,900.00 + Annual Maintenance $2,500.00
    Enterprise (20+ Users) $49,900.00 + Annual Maintenance $5,000.00