Social Networking

Social Networking

Are you ready to give your Association or Group members a new visual way to communicate?
Do you want to keep them actively interested in your Website and Events?

We can help you create a Social Networking environment.

  • Easy to use.
  • A clean, simple interface, creates a pleasant experience.

  • Put your Newsletter or Magazine online.
  • Full HTML capabilities. Cut and paste your newsletter.

  • Visual Topics.
  • Upload multiple images for a topic or article. With the HTML editor members may also point to video and other links. This is a wonderful tool for technical information that may require multiple images associated with a topic.

  • Building your community by providing interaction.
  • Depending on your configuration members can post Topics or comment on Articles.

  • Easy to install.
  • Just add a link to your current website. No complicated templates to build.

  • Events.
  • List your Events and their links.

  • Messaging.
  • Members can message each other without giving out their email addresses.

  • Member Profiles.
  • Members can create their profile and upload a profile image. Plus they can list links of interest or view all their postings.

  • Administration.
  • Full administration capabilities to maintain Memberships, Topics, and Sponsors.

  • How much income can we generate?
  • You can choose the advertising rates. You can choose who advertises on your site.

  • Can we modify the software?
  • It depends on how you license the software.
    1. You have the option of putting the software on your server
    and having your IT staff modify it.
    2. We can host it and provide a service that can customize the software for you for a fee.

  • Do we own the software?
  • No, you have a license to use the software for your site only. Other options may be considered.

  • How much does it cost?
  • If you are hosting the software and providing the IT support.
    Contact us for a fixed price and annual license fee.

    If we are hosting the site then the following options are available:
    Shared revenue plan which is based on your Banner Ad revenue.
    If you do not have Banner Ad Sponsors, then a fixed cost fee plan is available.
    One of our Account represenatives can help you find the best plan that works for your organization.

  • Who hosts the software?
  • Depending on the plan you choose, you can host the software or we use a 3rd party provider to host the software.

  • Do we have to administrate the site?
  • If the software is on your server then you most likely would administrate it.
    We can work with you on the various options.
    We can provide site administration depending on the plan you choose.

  • Are there any third party licensing fees?
  • There are none.

  • Are you advertising or spamming our members?
  • We have a professional relationship with the Associations and Companies we work with.
    No contact will be made for advertising purposes, though we may make contact for support issues.
    We do not distribute or sell member lists.
    If you are hosting the software then we don't have access to your social network.

License Pricing:
    Source Code Included $149,900.00