Tagger Tracker
The Ultimate Graffiti Tracking database software.

Tagger Tracker

If you have a Graffiti issue than you need to use Tagger Tracker to help you track and find the Taggers. We incorporated some great features from our premium Intelligence software the Intelligence Pro.
The Tagger Tracker is easy to use and allows you to link unlimited photos, videos to a Event, Case, Subject or a Vehicle. We include a Vehicle tracking feature that you can use for license plate matches. You can link excel, word, pdf documents to main categories too. Easily add new codes on the fly as you customize your database to fit your location.


  • Easy to learn and use

  • Your database will allow you to track:
    • Graffiti Tagging Events
    • Cases
    • Subjects
    • Names
    • Aliases
    • Physical features
    • Associates
    • Vehicles
    • Gangs
    • Profiles
    • Pictures
    • Videos
    • Addresses
    • Relationships
  • All fields on the main entry screen are searchable
  • It's easy to look up your existing information
Other Features
    Last touched Date on Tagging Events and Subjects allows you to delete information that is not being used.
Comment Searches

We provide a the ability to search through all the comment fields. For example we might want to search for "tagger wearing orange". We could then select the various areas to be searched and a list of associated records would appear with that description in the comment or remarks field.

License Pricing:
    Single (1 User) $1,900.00
    Network (20 User) $4,900.00
    Enterprise (20+ Users) $19,900.00